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MultiPub from Datasystem Solutions, Inc. (DSI) is the most sophisticated subscription and audience management system available today. It was designed to assist media and data companies that:

  • sell or track subscriptions
  • allow access to members-only websites
  • offer both issue-based and time-based subscriptions
  • manage groups and site licenses
  • offer bundles of products
  • report earned and deferred revenue
  • do recurring billing
  • track trial offers
  • audit the circulation
  • manage inventory
  • sell in different currencies and countries
  • charge tax
  • analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • produce events
  • track readers who download articles
  • manage content behind a paywall
MultiPub understands the nuances of subscription management and subscription accounting — it is much more than dates and reports. Our data structure supports complex accounting requirements, sophisticated renewal management, and flexible billing and fulfillment schedules. We understand the difference between a trial and an order, A/R and not-yet-due, taxable and tax-exempt, sales portals and distribution formats, cash and accrual accounting, contracts and bundles.

Our solution is either cloud-based or on-premise - the choice is yours.

Navigate through our menu options above, or contact us for pricing, to schedule a demonstration, or for any questions:  913.362.8989 or

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